Sunday, September 17, 2017

Autumn is coming...

This weekend has been incredible so far. The weather has been cloudy with a light rain and temperatures hovering around the low 60's. We've had a lovely time so far, embracing the notion that Autumn is coming! From the smell of fading leaves to the crisp, morning smell of fresh rain - Can you smell/feel it?

Most of you know, we loveeeeee this time of year. Parts of it remind me of my childhood and the time spent at grandma's house. I have such fond memories with her and most of them were during the Fall. This time of year also seems to bring a sense of renewal to my spirit - creatively and emotionally. I'm not really sure why but knowing this, I do my best to soak it all in as much as possible. Thus all of the days spent cozied up on the sofa in my favorite baggy sweatshirt with a perfect hot cuppa in hand.

How about you? Do you like Autumn? What are some of the things you treasure about this time of year?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Scribble Picnic's Ewan the Lumberjack

Ewan....Ewan, the Lumberjack....he's here and ready to help you cut down and build whatever you want during this picnic round. Uh huh. Well, except maybe an entire house! Yes, I found him a few days ago while checking in on Mr. Fish-n-Chips.

BLACK & WHITE is this week's Scribble Picnic theme. I had fun bringing this guy to life.  He gave me some issues at first - like when I initially gave him an axe two-times too small for him! Oh dear me. But hey, that's what these weekly art challenges are all about, yes? Every week, I feel like I'm learning and growing....sure hope you feel the same way. Thank you to, Michael, who keeps us all going in that creative direction.

Now, I'm not sure about you but I'm ready for a slice of some meaty, pot pie he's bringing to the picnic this week. For dessert? I'm bringing a delicious chocolate cream pie! Are you ready? Well, come on over, you don't want to miss what everyone else is bringing to the table!
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